The volcanic eruptions that began in 1730 lasted for seven years and left 1/4 of the island covered in lava and sand. 

The locals of the island found an ingenious way to cultivate vines on this volcanic and hostile ground. They do this by digging funnel shaped hollows up to 4ft deep into the thick layers of the volcanic ashes and plant one vine per hollow. Small semi circular walls are built around them to protect the grapes from winds and drying out resulting in the most striking and unusual vineyards.

The same lava that sets the wine apart also guards against mass production. The requirement for individual hollows means that plants are often as much as four metres apart from each other. On a small island, farmers cannot simply plant more vines.

The 13 bodegas occupy 5,000 acres. Some bodegas produce fewer than 100,000 bottles a year. Overall Lanzarote only makes around 3 million bottles annually.

A recommended place to visit is the El Grifo Wine Museum. It was built in 1775, making it the oldest bodega in the Canary Islands and one of the 10 oldest in Spain.

La Geria is a protected area of Lanzarote and the main wine growing region. This region produces the best wines of Lanzarote especially the Malvasia grape, the oldest known grape variety.


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