The north coast of Lanzarote is a playground for any surfer: Beginner to Pro. 

Oasis Surf House is located between two famous surf spots:

Famara (6km of beach breaks) & La Santa (multiple reef breaks)

Take a look at the surf report here.

Visit from Timmy Patterson

We were stoked to have legendary California shaper, Timmy Patterson, local charger Manuel Lezcano and awesome filmmaker Adrian Rodd, up at Oasis Surf House for the filming of the new La Santa video below.... Yew!

The Quemao Class

The Quemao Class is a big-wave, high level surf & bodyboard event in the Canary Islands.

The event is held at one of the riskiest reef-breaks in Europe: El Quemao. The unique formation of the rocky subsoil at Lanzarote’s north west coast creates one of most dangerous and most difficult breaks in the world. The steep and fast wave in the small village La Santa is considered as the Pipeline of Europe, being a fast and powerful left that breaks over an unforgiving rocky ground. After the difficult drop surfers and bodyboarders race through massive tubes, avoiding the brutal lip that would pin them easily against the rocky ground. Invitational only, the chosen participants are professionals in their sports, showing extraordinary skills, braveness and character, not challenging each other, but the dangerous wave of El Quemao.

This year the Quemao Class ran on 9th and 10th March 2017

RVCA - Lanzarote Mission

RVCA’s European surf advocates hit the island of Lanzarote in March, visiting the local crew led by charger Manuel Lezcano to compete at the infamous El Quemao break.
Also known as the European Pipeline, El Quemao delivered some perfect conditions for its annual invitational event, Quemao Class ’17, allowing advocates Kevin Bourez, Eric Rebiere and Manuel Lezcano to score in and around the event while enjoying the laid-back island lifestyle for a week. Renowned European charger Nic Von Rupp took the RVCA Wave of the Event award.