From London to Lanzarote December 2014

After the hustle and bustle of fast lane living I came out to beautiful, tranquil Lanzarote seeking a new adventure.

I see God's signature written all over the waves and the Ocean. I can’t help but smile and think just how much surfing has changed my life. Looking out at the vast ocean in front of me there is no better place to think about what matters most in life. It's in these moments, when the waters clear my mind and fine tunes my thoughts, that I think about how I can live more simply, learn more often and love more deeply.

I love hosting guests in this incredible Guest House on this enchanting island and I look forward to giving you a warm welcome whilst introducing you to some of the many hidden gems this place has to offer.

Update for December 2016

I married an American!! Mark & I are happy to announce our marriage in California in December 2016. We are delighted to own Oasis Surf House as a married couple. Mark is so much fun to be around. We do a lot of travelling with our influencer channel @thestokelife so if we are lucky to catch you it will be great to create some awesome memories at Oasis. If not, you will be looked after by our very own wonderful and exceptional Managers!

Love Lydia & Mark Sawyer-Chu



Lydia  - Owns and is totally in love with Oasis Surf House

Lydia - Owns and is totally in love with Oasis Surf House